Protect Your Home And Your Health With A Ventilation System

What Are Smart Vents And How Do They Work?

Smart Vent is a system that ventilates your home. Using fans, they continually replace the air inside, making sure it stays fresh, regardless of the weather conditions.

Ventilation systems can address dampness in your home by removing condensation and moisture. As a stand-alone system, they do not heat your home, but you can utilise addons or an existing heating system to do that job.

There are a number of different Smart Vent systems available. They vary in function and price. Depending on what you need the system to do and what your budget is, you can select from a range of options.

The systems start at the simple level of monitoring temperature conditions and introducing fresh air from the roof cavity. They range right through to an advanced system that measures the moisture content in the air and automatically reacts to improve the air quality in your home by recovering air from inside and drawing in fresh supply from outside.

With a quick, easy and free in-home assessment, we can work out which system will best suit your needs.

How Can Ventilation Protect Your Home?

Without proper ventilation, your home is in danger of deteriorating quicker than usual. Did you know that over 1 year, a family can produce as much as 3500 litres of damp air in their home simply by cooking, cleaning, showering and breathing?

That is a lot of moisture that will struggle to escape during the colder months when your house is shut up tight.

If the damp air is not replaced with clean, fresh air then it can lead to condensation and mould. Dampness can also affect the surfaces of your home, degrading them and causing the need for costly repairs.

You can banish the mould in the back of your cupboards and the dampness in your bathrooms with a Smart Vent ventilation system. Keeping those areas dry will protect the lifespan of your home and the things within it.

How Can Ventilation Protect Your Health?

When it comes to dampness and respiratory illness, the stats are pretty scary. People who live in a home that contains moisture, condensation or mould are 30% more likely to develop illnesses or asthma. By reducing the dampness in the air, you reduce the risk to your family’s health.

Asthma is not the only health concern you need to worry about. You also need to be wary of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like carbon monoxide and other mixed gases that are present in the air within your home. Everything from furniture, cleaning supplies, heating sources and beauty products can emit these harmful gases that get trapped within your walls and then you breathe them in.

The air in your home can be 50 times more polluted than the outdoor air. And in winter, you spend a lot of time inside your 4 walls! Just imagine what you are breathing in. In the season or bugs and germs, you don’t want to add to the volatile health situation with polluted, damp air.

As you can see, winter is a dangerous time for your home. The harsh weather is beating on the outside walls and there are many nasties trapped on the inside.

A Smart Vent ventilation system will protect the longevity of your home and your family’s health. Within just one day of installation, you will be able to feel a difference in the air, especially if you have an asthmatic in the family.

Installation prices for SmartVents start at $1300 and heat pump installation costs start at $1600.

So, if you are interested in a healthier home this winter, get in touch with us here at 2E Electrical. We can offer a completely free assessment to see which ventilation system is right for your home.