When was the last time that you cleaned your heat pump?

We don’t just mean wiping the dust off the top or giving the filters a shake. We mean actually cleaning it properly.

As a heat pump operates, it acts a bit like a vacuum cleaner. It sucks everything from the air into its system. That means it quickly fills up with dust and grit. The filters catch some of that content of course, but it will never catch it all.

What happens to the rest of the muck?

It enters into the coils of your heat pump. These coils are like the engine room that make everything go. If they are dusty then your pump will not run as effectively.

So let’s have a look at how a regular service can make your system run efficiently, prolong the life of your heat pump and save you money on your power bill.

Make Your System Run Efficiently

It has been a hot summer. So we are willing to bet that you have been blasting your heat pump on cool for at least a few days of this year!

As it operates, your heart pump draws in the outside air and pushes it out at the desired temperature inside your house. As we mentioned above, the intake acts like a giant vacuum. It collects every speck of dust or dirt that is present in the air. The filters catch most of the debris, but over time the dust can build up on them.

As the filters become blocked with the build up, your system has to work harder to let the air through. This means it draws more power, costing you more money!  That is why cleaning the filters is a key part of servicing your heat pump.

But what about the particles that make it through the filter?

Prolong The Life Of Your Pump

Working in behind the filters of your heat pump are the coils. This is the part of your system that provides the actual heating and cooling.

It is also the part of the system that collects the dust and dirt that the filters do not catch. This is the part that many people do not know they have to clean. Anyone can take out the filters and wipe the dust off them so they operate effectively again. But the coils and fins require more expert attention. If these are not cleaned, then your system can break down.

During our heat pump cleaning service, 2E Electrical ensure that we apply a cleaning solution to these coils to remove the build up of dirt. This returns them to their original efficiency, allowing your system to operate as it should, prolonging the life of the machine.

Dust build up does not only impact how your machine runs, it can also impact your family’s health. Bacteria, mould and fungi can colonise on the heating coil if it is not cleaned regularly. Then, when your system operates, these toxins are dispersed into the air where your family can breathe them in. Yuck!

Save You Money

Have you ever hopped into your car and driven off with the handbrake still on?

The car still goes, but it is sluggish. It isn’t operating as it should. And you can be sure that you will be using far more petrol then you need because of the added resistance.

Operating a dirty heat pump is a bit like trying to drive your car with the handbrake on. Sure the system will operate, but it will need to work harder to compensate for the blocked filters and dirty coils. That means it will draw more power. The end result… more dollars on your power bill!

You already pay enough for heating in the colder weather, you don’t want to pay hundreds more than you need to due to inefficiency!

Getting your heat pump serviced annually will keep it running efficiently. That means less danger of it breaking, no toxins being released into the air, and savings on your power bill!

Moving With The Times

It used to be that you had to turn your heating on at the wall with a switch. Then, we graduated to heat pump remotes – no more needing to get off the couch to turn the temperature up and down.

But now, we are at the next level.

Picture this… you are driving home in the rain in the middle of winter. The whole family has been out for the day. You are all cold, wet and tired. And you are going to have to walk into a cold house.

Or are you?

Not any more! Now, we can install a Pebble system that allows your WiFi to communicate with your heat pump. Meaning, you don’t even have to be in the house to turn it on. That’s right, you can start your heat pump from work, from the car, or anywhere you happen to be.

Compatible with any device you can turn it on or off, change the temperature and potentially even adjust your timers if your unit allows.

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