Electricians are the professionals that keep our society functioning. Without electricity, can you imagine where we would be? In roughly 200 years, we have made so many technological advances that it is hard to imagine electricity has been around for such a short time. With the advent of electricity, there needed to be professionals who could work with it and help set-up and maintain the necessary systems. The electrician field was born.

We have come a long way from the first electricians and the industry continues to grow as the years move on and we continue to incorporate electricity into our businesses and daily lives. Whether you think about your home or your place of work, there will always be electricity at the heart of it. This means there will always be a spot for electricians.

Commercial Electricians

Generally, electricians split between two areas of expertise, one is residential and the other commercial. Both are important, but it simply defines in what environment the electrician works. Are they focused on establishing commercial electrical systems or residential ones, because even though they both follow the same principles, they can be quite different and they require a specialized electrician?

Commercial electricians are the focus of this article. These are the electricians that shape and guide your business to electrical efficiency. Without them, businesses would struggle to be the well-oiled machines that many of them are. Electricity is a key factor of any business and by utilizing electricity properly, companies can gain a significant competitive edge over their rivals.

These electricians focus solely on the commercial sphere. This includes establishing new industrial buildings, installing additional high-voltage circuit boards, and setting-up any electrical equipment required by the business. No matter what electrical work you need to be done, if it is related to the commercial environment, you can count on a commercial electrician.

Qualifications and Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a commercial electrician, you should know that there are stringent qualifications and general requirements in place. Depending on your country of residence, the laws might change, but there will always be a required qualification and numerous general practice standards, including what can and can’t be used when completing commercial installations.

In order to become an electrician, commercial or residential, you will need an Associate’s degree or you will need to have done an apprenticeship. Both will allow you to be a commercial electrician recognized by your country’s electrical governing body.

In terms of general requirements, there are some basic things that electricians should be able to do, other than having the qualification. Most of these requirements are physical, including basic eyesight tests, strength tests, and endurance tests. These ensure that all electricians are able to safely perform their duties, no matter how strenuous the situation may be.

The electrician industry is projected to grow by up to 20% over the next 10 years. This is due to our societies increased reliance on electricity/technology. This job has both a high earning potential and long-term job security. For more information, please contact 2E Electrical commercial services