Old Style CCTV Systems Versus Today’s High Tech and Affordable CCTV

In the past, CCTV cameras were chunky and unattractive rectangular boxes mounted onto the side of a building. They didn’t look particularly attractive and the resolution on the screens the images were fed back to were not that good at all. In fact, most of the time all CCTV did back then was to confirm that a thief had entered a property or that a particular incident had taken place. Aside from this the frames and image were usually limited and therefore identifying those caught on camera was not easy.

That said, CCTV cameras have always acted as at least some type of deterrent. Those that knew the systems were limited would just bypass the system without a worry unless they knew that there was a 24-hour security guard on the property, and then mist thieves would stay away because inevitably the security guard would call the police.

Another issue is that these old style bulky security camera systems were also expensive. The actual cost versus benefit was not great unless the building has a 24-hour security guard on hand. Other than this, people would invest in a system only for savvy thieves that knew the quality was not good enough to identify who they were or alert anyone of their presence.

Old CCTV Systems Has 4 Main Problems

  • Bad resolution
  • Slow frames per second
  • Expensive
  • Thieves knew how to get around them

We could go back further than this to the old style black and white CCTV cameras that would often blink on and off. Digging deeper, the cables that were used to connect the CCTV system to the main monitor were often not secured, easy to cut through, and data flow was often interrupted by bad weather or even vibrations next to the wires.

Cutting a long story short, it is understandable that some people today still avoid purchasing CCTV systems because they still have the old style systems in their mind.

Today’s Modern CCTV Cameras Solve All 4 Of These Problems And More

Let’s fast forward to modern day technology with all its advancements and the drop in prices for this technology and destroy anyone that still perceives CCTV as the old style system.

Reliable Connectivity from Camera to Monitor

CCTV systems today are super reliable. The cabling is secured and with high-speed fiber optics and/or ethernet used to connect the systems, there are never any cuts off points. Moreover, most newer systems now come with wireless systems that transmit high bandwidths of data, the pictures are crystal clear, frames per second are fast.

Clear Visuals of All Incidents In Colour

With the wireless signals and cables able to transmit large amounts of data and modern day TV screens, obviously now when a CCTV camera is set up it is very easy and you can zoom in and out. Literally, you can catch car number plates, tattoos distinguishing marks, and see exactly what happened if there is an incident. It is like watching a movie on the TV, but it is live action happening on your property.

You Can Access Your CCTV Cameras Via Your Mobile Phone

Not only are images sent to a monitor, but you can also access your CCTV cameras via the World Wide Web from your mobile device from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection, you can then log into your system and access the cameras.

No More Tapes

We didn’t mention this above, but do you remember the movies in which the robber comes into the shop and says ‘give me the tape’. Well, that won’t happen anymore because everything is recorded in real-time to a cloud storage space on the web. There is no tape. You can, therefore, access these recordings past or present using your phone or any device you have the software installed on to access your CCTV system.

Now All This Sounds Expensive Doesn’t It?

Obviously, within any industry, there are going to be price differences between the quality of the product you pick. It depends on whether you want to use the security camera for commercial use or residential use, do you need night vision, do you need monitoring stations and so on. So some systems can go up to $2,000.

However, you can pick up a small home system for as low $70.00. With installation on top of that, you are looking at a quality system in colour, recorded and accessible via the world web on your mobile device.

There are so many options out there, all you need is an expert to advise you, and that is why we here at 2eElectrical would be happy to offer you our services.

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